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  • Dear Friends, In Para 2, line 2 - please read "sojourn" and not "sonjourn", Type error is deeply regretted please. Tilak
  • Dear All, In para 1, kindly read, as shown now. "That fracture can never be set - right. Tilak
  • Dear Members, In para 1, last but one line, kindly read "they are not deriving.............". Error is regretted please. Tilak
    in APPEAL Comment by smartian October 2016
  • Dear All, Kindly read, "paying heed" and not paying heeding ............. It was a typo error which is regretted. Tilak
  • Dear Friends, It should read "in life". Typo error. My regrets. Tilak
  • Ajit, I have sought a clarification on this stock thro my mail id. Tilak
  • Dear Doctor, Steel Strip Wheels is worth 700 at the current valuations/data. Hold it tightly for wonderful return. Tilak
  • Dear Bhide sir, Good Morning. Thanks a ton for the compliments. May God bless you sir. Tilak
  • Dear Shefali, Good AN. Am sorry, could not have track of your message. Trust you would bear with me. Kindly continue patronzing the site. Truly it is your site. Tilak
  • Dear Sachin, Am fine. How about you ?? Am sorry ; could not respond because of some other pressing issues. Sachin, Tata Metaliks is suffering from high debt equity ratio as also it is too hot to enter at the current price. I suggest you keep a cl…
  • Dear Aneesh, Good morning. How are you ? Thanks for the support. Fondly, Tilak
    in NATIONALISM Comment by smartian May 2016
  • Dear Rama, I have gone through the verticals of Texmaco and find that it is a totally debt free company but suffering from higher price to earning. Its top line and bottom line for Dec 2015 has been low. When its comes to cash flow, its valuation…
  • Dear Rama, GM. Shall work on your required stock and revert to you. Kindly bear with me until then. Tilak
  • Dear Friend, Kindly read, "series" and not "serious" appearing in the beginning of the text - line 1. My regrets. Tilak
  • Dear Olety, Thanks for the compliments. Tilak
  • Dear Oety, It is not in isolation with any single stock, FIIs have made exit in good number of stocks. But, since you happen to be a term investor, you need to see such development in the sense that once the market situations improve, FIIs and for…
  • Dear Oety, How are you !! At current market price, Navin Fluorine is a bargain hunt. Buy giving modest approach, number wise and enjoy. Tilak
  • Dear All, Kindly read, "do" and not down in today's Pearls of Wisdom. A typo error. Tilak
  • Dear KS, But you see when one carries out a discreet study, both are value added stocks. With funda good stocks, a shrewd investor concentrate on adding with SIP like approach. We should remember that in my scheme of things, booking partial profit…
  • Dear KC, There are two stocks which have greater potential to go for :smile: a. Coral Lab b. Cadila Health Care. Good fundamentals and currently available a reasonably good level. Go ahead at CMP for med to long term. Conviction n patience both…
  • Dear Feroz, It is time that one focus on Marksans having corrected substantially. Company is adding to its reserves when one has a discreet look at its figures between Mar 13 and Mar 15. At the same time, debt is being pruned ; ;currently debt eq…
  • Dear Keyur, While targetting stock for sustainable and rewarding return, you should choose a company with better market exposure ; in case of Alpa Lab, it is just 126 crore. Besides this, company must enjoy good earning per share. No doubt, with…